A Reflection Between Biochemistry and Me

To me Biochemistry is the most pertinent, relevant, and effective study of life in movement currently available to me and most of the scientific world as well. To study Biochemistry is to ask the question of “how?” three times too many in a Biology class and to ask about the relevance of a topic two times too many in a Chemistry class. It is pretty safe to say that Biochemistry is somewhere between Biology and Chemistry as can be inferred from the name and the field’s rare talent for naming things in a way that actually makes sense. However, Biochemistry is more than just a midpoint between two other fields but a wholly unique area that applies its own rules and logic, derived from Biology and Chemistry fields, to approximate a comprehensive model of living systems through the most important aspect of any organism, the interactions between molecules.

            As can probably be seen by the lofty description I just previously gave, I am quite fond of what Biochemistry represents as a field. The personal affection I have for this science actually comes from my love of the fantastical. From my love of magic and mysticism I started developing the novel and unattainable idea of what it would mean to understand life at its most basic form and to be capable of such an ultimate induction as to actually wield that knowledge in a meaningful way, to be, in a sense, “all-knowing”. Of course, this is only a means of motivation to fuel my desire to learn more in the field and I have no delusions as to actually being capable of such a feat, the last thing science needs right now is to enter the realm of mythology. It is merely an elaborate dream for me to pleasantly share with those who enjoy the challenge of life as I do. As of the writing of this post, I am pursuing a degree in both Biochemistry and Neuroscience which highlights my interests particularly on the topic of neurotransmitters, a particularly diverse and tricky group of molecules that adds incomprehensible levels of complexity to the nervous system that we are all too particularly proud of nowadays. This means, for what it’s worth, that my first step to my philosophically radicalized dream falls within the field of Psychology and understanding the emergence of what we consider to be the mind.

            In the future I plan to further develop myself along with my knowledge of Biochemistry as I pursue a degree in Medicine and ultimately serve to increase the livelihood of those around me as a physician. I will make no attempt to claim that I fully know what truly awaits me as a Med-student or medical professional but even with my current basic understanding of the world that awaits me, I can claim that I will heavily rely on Biochemistry with 95% certainty. While the likelihood of going into pharmaceuticals or other related fields that can typically be very cleanly associated with the basics of Chemistry and Biochemistry, I think that even in the field of surgery, as I am currently leaning, more than requires a near constant use of Biochemical related Fluid and Crystal Intelligences. Even fairly rough surgical procedures should be influenced by the various systems occurring within the body and require an understanding of how various parts of the body interact within themselves and with other parts of the body.

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