Reflection 2: Storming the Brain

If possible, I would like this overarching project of mine act as a way to explore a topic that I have understood and worked with in the past but at a far more complex and detailed level. In my opinion, science classes, and most STEM classes in general, are basically just a series of white lies and waving hands which you steadily replace with less hand waving and lies that are closer to the way things actually work. Topics I want to focus on then are things that have been brought up in previous Biology or even Chemistry classes where I lacked the time, resources, and ability to truly understand beyond what was just relevant to the particular unit. I’ve always found it surprising how some of these mind-shattering unique phenomena are mentioned and then swept back under the rug before they’ve had ample time to be given the awe they deserve. As such, I would like my project to be on some of the most exciting topics I’ve “half learned” during my time in previous science classes. One disease I’m interested in further coming to terms with is from human immunodeficiency virus infection or its later AIDS effects. The entire specific defense system is such a fascinatingly complex concept that anything able to target it at its heart is almost diabolical and more than worth fully understanding; plus there’s the current research around the genes that make you immune to the virus and how it could be used for patients suffering from it. Next on my greatest hits tour is the idea of infections proteins. Little more than that needs to be said as to why I find prions and the implications associated with them so unique and somewhat mind-shattering. The third disease I would want to take another look at would be Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome. There is no better way to look at the effects of gene over expression in a living human than when dealing with a human with 47 chromosomes in their gene pool.

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