Visualize Beyond Sight

Hello to anyone reading this. For a final project in another class I created an Interactive Web Environment(C), basically a set of 50+ web pages that connect with each other through hyperlinks embedded at various points in each page. The goal of this art class project is to attempt to emphasize the level of creativity and imagination that goes into all of the indirect methods we use to use limited scientific techniques to understand the world we live in, even if what we are trying to understand is beyond sight.

(For the sake of artificially increasing traffic, let me challenge you) how far can you make it through the realm of the electron?

2 thoughts on “Visualize Beyond Sight”

  1. Very Cool. I got pretty far in, so that it circled back to “electron”. I like how the different biomolecules are represent by their shapes with the words – that was cool. Have you read any Roald Hoffmann? There are some interesting overlaps with what you have done here 🙂

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the project. I have not read any Hoffmann although the idea of taking more poetic approaches to these complex topics does sound quite interesting.

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